Working with large and small financial services organisations providing security consultancy and architecture services specialist in cloud security , application (DevSecOps) and network security consultancy and architecture. Strong track record in delivery large complex programmes of work in the area of mobile applications security, application security and cloud security tailored to customer budget.

  1. Security Consultancy and Architecture - Development of security patterns and providing advise for digital transformation initiatives.
  2. Agile Security Delivery- Delivery of plans processes and approaches to delivery of security for Agile projects.
  3. Security Testing- Definition of security testing scope and approach to focus on key areas that matter most.
  4. Container Security - Development of security controls to secure cloud Container environments such as Google Cloud, Azure Cloud and DevSecOps models with a view to increased automation delivery speeds of security.
  5. Application Security - Definition of secure workflows and user front end implementation for e-commerce applications.

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